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To use your computer, tablet, or smartphone, click here to join the Post's Regular Membership Meeting. 

If you cannot use a computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can still join the meeting with ANY phone by dialing the number shown and entering the meeting id and password when requested.


Dial-In #: 669 900 6833

Meeting Id: 875 4051 5441

Password: 391445

We will use the same connection information until we can resume Face-to-Face Meetings.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 875 4051 5441
Passcode: 391445

        Every month on the First Thursday

You are encouraged to attend. The recommended method of attending is by using a computer or tablet.  For those using Zoom for the first time, you may be asked to download a client application first.  Please make sure you connect to the meeting early and check your camera (if you have one) and microphone settings. The meeting will be opened at 0930 for testing your connection if you need to.  If your connection only shows your telephone number, please use the "rename" function to add your name.

For those of you without a computer or tablet, you may use your phone to call the listed phone number shown and then entering the meeting id and password when requested to do so.

When you initially join, you will be on mute.  If using a computer, there is a "microphone icon" in the toolbar which is normally on the bottom of your screen.  A red slash on the icon indicates you are on mute; no slash means everything within the range of your microphone is being transmitted to everyone so watch what you say when there is no slash. ;-)  When you are on mute, you can press the space bar to unmute while you talk but as soon as you let go of the space bar, you are automatically back on mute.

For those using the phone, *6 will mute and unmute as needed.  *9 sends the host a signal that you want to be recognized.