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In recent years, the number of veterans and service members receiving degrees with educational benefits has increased dramatically. This increase is clear proof of a trend - education is being sought after at a high degree, and it follows that the availability of educational resources should grow in step.

In response, has developed an open-use veteran's guide to financial aid and scholarships, with necessary information on the best assistance programs available. We also have a guide to military-friendly colleges and a guide to social work degrees in Arizona. These guides are designed to aid our military members as well as those who are looking to do the same.  You can take a look at a few of our guides linked below:

Fundamental Educational Resources for Veterans

National Financial Aid for Veterans -
Military-Friendly Colleges -

Overview of Arizona Social Work Certification Requirements

These veterans need our help to start on a new path in their lives. We've created the resources, but we'll need your help to reach them. Please help us reach out to our servicemembers by posting links to these guides on the American Legion, Mary Ellen Piotrowski Post 94 website. Here would be a great page to reach them:

Your link will make a big impact in the lives of our veterans. Thank you for your effort in sharing these educational resources.

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Our veterans and servicemembers have many educational opportunities and benefits available to them. However, only 44% of all veterans use at least one VA benefit that is available to them, and less than half of that use multiple.
We at support our veterans making the most of their resources to attain academic success and have curated a host of guides containing the most up-to-date information on these educational materials. Our guides cover scholarships, career planning, societal reintegration, and more that foster the development of our military members – current, past, and future. Take a look at our guides below:

Education Suite for Veterans & Military Personnel 

The GI Bill -
Military Academies -
Guide to Military Education -
Transitioning From College to Military -
College for Disabled Veterans -
Guide to KSAs -
Transitioning to College -
Transitioning to a Civilian Job -
Transitioning to a Civilian Life -
Transitioning to a Law Enforcement Role -
These resources are available for our servicemembers to use at any time, but not all members are aware of the opportunity. You can help our servicemembers achieve academic success by adding links to these guides on your website. Your link will be a great help to our current, past, and future military members.

Thank you for sharing these educational resources. Please reach out to us with any questions you may have. 

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